I just got a free computer,2.8 Ghz,512mb ram,80 gb hdd,win Xp,ATI Radeon 9200 128 Mb 3D.Thats a big upgrade form my old computer 600 Mhz,256 mb Ram,16mb Ram shared Vid card.Yeah!


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well now overclock it or i'll have to kick you in the butt to do it... than post some up so you can show your new computer off ;)


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Which processor is it?

Sound alot like a DELL - apart from the 9200.

Im guessing the processor is a celeron..

How did you get it free?


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sounds like a dell..but most dells that come with just 512 mb have video cards. that's a bit odd.
It a compaq presario P4,and i went into the bios and there is no way ta overclock it unless you guys know of a program so i can do it through winodws?and i got it from my parents,because they went out and bought a new computer because the one i have (there old one) blew up and i did not look at it because i was at school at tha tim,when i got home i replaced the clock battery and wholla it worked fine so im happy =)