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I don't really have much back-story to this. My dad threw his broken computer into my room to fix it. It would power on and the cpu fan spun at max speed with no output display to the monitor. Reset the CMOS via battery, tried another video card, tested the memory.. nothing. Then I notice PSU isn't working but I'm getting a PSU light that is fading on and off. Figure I should send him to get a new one. They test it at the shop, it's working fine.

So I gut out the hard drives and video card and throw them into another computer. Now I get a display, but I get the message:

"Y∞Y" when trying to boot, and it gets stuck there until I restart.

Some preliminary Googling tells me it *might* be a boot sector virus, however this can't be confirmed because it seems people get that message mixed up with the virus when it may not have any connection at all.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.
Well i can tell you that it is not a Windows issue. As Windows wouldnt even begin to boot after putting the hard drive in another machine.

Unless those machines matched up spec for spec with the same mother board, CPU, RAM and so on there would be no way that it would even begin to boot. It would BSoD almost instantly.

So it has to be something else.
Really? I've managed to boot up Windows simply by transferring hard drives over before. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but at least half the time it worked, of course, a bunch of drivers would be missing.

Anyway, best thing I can do is slip that hard drive into my computer as a secondary HDD and scan it.
Yes really.


Same topic of duscussion. Even Osiris says that 98% of the time it wont work. Coming from 2 guys that know their way around Windows, i would say that we have a good grasp if it would happen or not. ;)

It may work if you have similar configurations. but if you take it from a machine with a Intel CPU and mobo it will BSoD in a AMD machine. You must have very similar or very close specs/parts for it to work even partially.
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