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Can someone help. Had XP pro installed running without problems then moved to Vanuatu and added new hardware,Fly Video 3000 It ran ok but screen was a bit jerky so added leadtek geforce 3 Ti200 card Since he major problems System would boot but after the XP pro logo only a black screen obtained. Started in last known good congig to find the system booted properly but the USB port no longer worked and my removable disk drive (MO Sony) ws no longer in the system Together with this the Fly Video card no longer worked properly. Checked Bios settings and USB was disabled. On enabling USB in bios I was back to the black screen again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling various devices but cant seem to overcome the problem. Microsoft don't seem to want recognise me in Vanuatu . The system has a Micro super 440bx motherboard with dual penium 3 450 processors the bios is American Megatrends. All advice greatfully accepted
strange issues. Honestly the first thing i would try would be to boot into safemode, go to device manager, remove EVERYTHING, and reboot into normal mode. It should redetect and re-install all drivers, this generally works for me when i have driver issues.
try this, boot into safe mode, go into msconfig, click on the advanced button, then check the box that reads, VGA 640x480x16

reboot into normal mode. Check your display properties, see what your resolution is set at, it may be too high for your monitor to handle. Try setting it to 800x600 at 16bit, then go back to msconfig, uncheck that option, and then reboot again. see if the problem persists.
Thanks again I am unable to find the indicated area in msconfig ( no advanced button or screen info). I dont see how screen setting would impact on USB settings or on devices being deleted by the system! but then my knowledge in these areas is very limited. System has a 300w transformer plenty of RAM (512) two 9gig scsi hd's and the monitor is a 21" samsung syncmaster. Is the problem related to XP not liking too many hardware changes?
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