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Monster Techie
I LOVE IT :D I couldn't be any happyer with XP it has servered me well, I havn't had a sigal glitch.

For being built on Win2K (built on NT), it's quite stable, and with support of NTFS partitions, I no longer have to worry about scandisk. It is also quite steps up from 98se (which I previously used); and hopefully we can at least use it for several years before another incarnation is born. ;) I am quite satisfied, for home use, but for both home/office use, I still prefer Win2K Pro. :)
I absolutely love it. So far its the most stable OS Ive used. Its crashed maybe twice in the past year that Ive owned it, and that was only because I was pushing the processor beyond its limits....
XP Pro is by far the best desktop OS so far:)
It's stable as heck, and very reliable.

And I know, the linux fans are prob going to flame me (I dual boot linux btw) but Linux is far from being a good "desktop os." It's great for networking, but XP is better for overall use.
I've only had trouble with XP for the times I've used it...I used it for a week or so before going back to 98SE.

I kept having problems with my NIC card...it was supposed to be supported, and I even download the microsoft drivers for it, but it kept crashing.

It assigned a lot of my devices to the same IRQ level too, which was annoying because of the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen of death.

I finally decided to remove it and continue using 98SE.

I'm now dual booting Win2K Pro and Slackware 8.0, and none of them has given me any problems. :)
So far so good for me............I had some issues early because I upgraded from WinME, but I reformatted and it has worked without a hitch. Definitly some major improvements I like are the NT core and Visual Styles (Cuz im a customization freak :D).
Not really a big fan of XP, though if change is inevitable I would rather have Professional than Home. I find the "idiot-proofing" of the o/s has made it extremely annoying to be able to get around and fix even the simple things. Guess I'm just an old fogy set in my 98 ways.....

Oh, BTW, I found it easy enough to customize my 98... to the point where the tech who came to install my dsl couldn't figure out that everything he needed was in the start bar menu! :p... had to enable my icons on the desktop for him the poor boy was soooo lost.... Had a heck of a time with customizing my friend's xp for her though.
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