XP user account login: forgot password!!!!! PLEASE HELP!

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Somehow I have forgotten my password for my user account. Honestly I don't remember ever making one but nowadays I tend to forget plenty. For those wondering how I could have forgotten the password I haven't used my computer in almost 6 months.

I've tried everything I can think of. I've tried every password I've ever used and to no avail.

Then I used ctrl alt del to go into the other login screen and to login as administrator but that didn't work either. I tried "administrator" with no password, then "administrator" with "admin" as password, then "administrator" with passwords I frequently use. Nothing. Computer says check user name/domain/password.

Iam wondering: when I go into this login screen the "user name" window is already filled in with "photekxl," a handle that I frequently use (as you see here). If the window is already filled in does that mean I definitely have an account with that name, even though I don't remember the password?

Also tried "guest" with no pass and it says my guest account has been removed and to "contact the system administrator." Funny.

Please tell me there is a way to get into my files as a guest or something without having to login somewhere? Boot from a CD? Hack into it somehow? I have lots of school and work related files that I simply can't lose so reinstalling is not an option unless it's the only one. PLEASE HELP!!! Appreciate the responses.

i have o idea, but if you get another hdd and set your old one as your secondry and the new one as the primary and install windows toone the new hdd u should be able to access our old hdd and recover the files.

ill try of think of another way
SAM files located at in the (System32/config/SAM) stores all the passwords (in deep encryption) for NT, 2000, XP.

Make a boot disk (make a NTFS boot disk that reads of NTFS hd if you have one) and copy that file called "SAM".

Look on the internet to find a tool to decrypt it. Should take couple of Hrs to couple of days. Anyway good luck with that.
just install a another hdd ,, like DeadMonkey said .. quick easy, no aggravation,, get your stuff ,, reinstall,,,

the reason why the photekxl comes up is because that was the last successful logon to the machine..windows default..

plus,, maybe keep a journal if your "internal" HDD is going,, talking Your memory *hahhahahahahha*

stupid humour :)
Im not real sure about this but when the login box comes up.Hit alt,control,delete to bring up the task manager.go to apilcations
then new task then browse to desktop.exe it will at least get you into your things to look around I think.
I had to do this on windows 2000 for a friend and it helped becaus i didnt have a password also. I hope it works.
You can always use the second hard disk method as suggested by Deadmonkey...or you can use the various password cracking utilities on the net...
Or you could restart and go on in safe mode, then logon as administrator.

From there, you can reset your password
There is a prob with that though. If you dont have the Administrator password, it doesnt matter if ure in safe mod or not.

easy way to goto the administrator is, in the login screen, press CTRL + ALT + DEL (Ive tried it only in XP Pro Retail) You have to try this before anyone else logs in. Like you cant logout now and go to the login screen and do it. You have to reboot the computer. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL Twice. TWICE.

Hope it helps. SAM file cracking is the best.
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