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I recently upgraded my system from WIN ME to WINDOWS XP. After doing so I had a major crash and had to re-format my hard drive. When I went to Re-install the Operating System XP setup said to wait while it checks to see if it could find an existing windows operating System on my drive. A message then pops up and says that my system is not elgible for the WIN XP UPGRADE because setup failed to find any version of windows on my Drive and to Purchase the full version! I dont now have to purchase the full version and throw The upgrade version in with all the old American Online CD and floppys do I?. Any help or suggestions any one could offer, would be greatly appreciated.

my uncle had the same problem. he gave up on it and stuck with win 98.
have you tried updating your bios? i've heard this might solve this problem
Why not start from the beginning? Load Me. or better still, Windows 98, then go ahead with the upgrade. That should do the trick. Once you're running with XP, as I am, you'll never go back.:)
I read on another computer forum of others who have had this same problem. I think you need to call microsoft. The other forum says microsoft is aware of this problem and users are suppose to call them for help.
Good luck!
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