XP setup-reboot loop

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MS is giving me the run around about the problem:mad: This is a neat looking site:D so I'll toss this one out.

MS article Q316417 at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;Q316417& describes the present problem and the errors in the setuperr.log

BUT, I cannot get around the administrator password in the Recovery Console to fix the problem. I have tried all that I normally use, I do not remember the password.

a XP boot disk does nothing but get it back to setup/reboot/setup/reboot loop.

Win95 boot disk does get to DOS but can't access the boot.ini. I can't get to the boot.ini file due to permission problems.

Downloaded the WinXP_EN_PRO_BF.EXE file to create boot floppies. That stopped at the second diskette with the error "ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded error code is 7".

Piggybacked the HD to another XP box and removed the SAM file. This was a attempt to reset the SAM file to no password. That didn't work. Still can't get past the admin password in the Recovery Console.

I'm at the point now to piggy back the HD to another box, save the files I need and format the damn thing. MS says run a virus checker,:rolleyes: which I have already done.

But, it would be neat to find a way around the present problem.:D

any ideas???
I wouldn't even bother bro. anytime I would see registry problems like that, it's a lot more efficient to just format and start over. I would consider it more than likely that even if you did work your way around this problem, you will have more in the immediate future due to all of this.
you're probably right. :D but, in a sick kind of way, I'm having fun with the MS techie that pulled my name out of the hat to deal with.

I'll probably format the HD this weekend.
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