XP Service Pack 1 Questions, Help Please

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Just got my new machine up and running. Lots of questions.
I've been running 98se for several years and finally had everything as stable enough to be happy. Then wouldn't you know it my dinosaur motherboard took a dump. Short story long, I bought a Dell package with all the newest (ha!) stuff.
Come to find out Dell's OS (XP Home) package is an early version with MANY known bugs. (That's BS!). From what I can find on the net sites MS has a service pack that should take care of some of the problems. So much for Dell Tech support.
I live in the sticks and my dailup connect moves at about 3Kbp. The MS site says SP1 is 30MB. You do the math.........
I'm reading several posts here that aren't that positive about SP1.

1. If this IS a fix, I'll try it. Any Comments?
2. Anyone know about another Service Pack coming out soon?
3. Any useful comments about Dell Tech Support?
4. More specific, does the advice about reloading sound driver really fix an DEVLDR error?

Thanks in advance for any help,
Bob Doggg
1. SP1 is definitly an upgrade that should be done, regardless of whether your having problems, it increases stability, and performance by quite a bit.

2. One has not been announced.

3. DELL support SUCKS. Take it fom me, I used to do it. I did outsorced dell support for about a year, till they decided it would be cheaper to move ALL the support to india, where they can pay the people 3 bucks a week or something.

4. any time you get an error about devldr, or device loader, its a good idea to go through and re-install drivers, im not sure whether that is specific to your sound card or not, but it couldnt hurt.
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