XP reinstall doesn't recognise 2nd drive

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I have just reinstalled the system on my C drive with no problems. When I try to open the D drive, that has data on it, I get a dialog saying the drive is not formatted. How can I access the D drive without losing the data.
Are you sure the D: drive has data on it?

Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

On the left hand side, select drive management. Tell us what it says about your D: drive.
I had to get to Drive Management in a different way (probably UK version of XP Home) for your future reference
Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > (left side) Storage > Disk Management

I hope this answers your question:

Volume, Layout, Type, File System, Status, Capacity, Free Space
C,Partition, Basic, NTFS, Healthy(system), 18.68 14.17 GB
D,Partition, Basic, ....... ,Healthy, 37.28, 37.28 GB

I backed up data from the C drive to the D drive, seperate drives. I then reinstalled the system onto the C drive which was reformatted in the process, the D drive was not reformatted. I assume that it must have been damaged in some way , there were no accessibility problems before reinstallation on C.
XP isn't recognizing the file system used on the D: drive. What is it? FAT16 by chance?

(sorry for giving you bad directions to that utility, but I'm glad you found it anyway. I am on a user account in Win2k at the moment so that panel is unavailable to me)
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