XP pro. web cam probs

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Can anyone pls help, I am running XP pro no problems until I try to use my logitec quickcam. It opens ok then freezes in about one second.
I have downloaded the latest XP drivers, checked for device conflicts ect. I have even gone to the point of re-installing XP downloading SP1 then installing the web cam (drivers 1st before plugging in). I still get the same result.

Web cam works fine using Win 2K operating system. (I boot this on a different HD using the bios, so no conflict there.)

Any help on this subject would be appreciated as I would like to move to XP eventually.
USB Drivers

Have you gone to the web site of the PC manufacturer and downloaded XP compatible System Board software? Sometimes this can occur when XP uses it's own default system board drivers.
I had tried everything apart from the mb drivers.

I have downloaded the latest drivers, it has improved things but not solved the problem,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
Follow up


I fixed my web cam prob by accident. for anyone intersted this is how.

I formatted HD set up a clean install of 2000 on 1st partion then XP on the 2nd. and installed sp1 for xp.

I later installed my web cam on 2000 with latest software, the recomended way is install software 1st then plug in camera when requested, no problems.
I did not intend to use cam with xp as I had given up thinking it was the mobo.

I later booted to xp forgetting the cam was still plugged in xp located the cam connected to the internet for an update and it is now working.

I have not tried the camera with its own software yet, that could be another story.
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