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I currently have 2 computers at home and have loaded xp in both. I recently reformatted 1 of them and Microsoft will not allow me to load[register] xp again. I know after 30 days use it expires. Is there a way around this?????
If you have purchased the software and you needed to reformat, then Microsoft will allow you to load and re-register. You just need to contact them.

If you used one purchase do load on two machines, hmm, well I don't know what to do there.

hey guys, you need not buy another number, if you look on the internet there is a registry trick you can use to edit the activation string (i.e. making it 0 instead of 1) which means that the computer will think XP has been activated, also if you BY CHANCE didnt really buy xp and used the illegal key they now check for that key. just for the heads up
Rumor has it there is a corporate # for Win XP pro on ebay. Something about after you enter the number, you don't have to register it. :confused:
wow, you guys dont know much about this. heres the scoop, and YES it is very illegal.

When XP first came out someone at dell released teh Corp edition with cd-key to the public, this copy does not need to be activated. In other words, royally pi$$ed MS off. Now that SP1 has come out, it cannot be installed if you are using the CD-Key, however some ingenious crackers have developed a keygen for XP that will let you get around this by inputing a perfectly good Key.

Dont ask me why I know so much about this... ;)
Excuse me? I was informing you that such a thing exists, you all were talking about this before I was, I dont think I said ANYTHING illegal, OR pointed anyone to anywhere they could do something illegal.

Tell me where I'm Wrong.
lol, okies, no biggie, just wanted to make sure I wasnt being targeted here. i know better than to post links to warez on a private forum.
Im gonna need alot more than one after the night im having. We had a MAJOR systemwide outage with roadrunner in central florida last night, and now we are getting the backlash from it. The calls havent stopped since I got in.

Thank god I can multitask or I wouldnt even be posting here tonight!
Take it easy bud, ill keep a lookout for anyone not playin nice while ur away. And thanks for the Beer!!!
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