XP pro problems managing passwords

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Hi all... I'm new to the site and it looks pretty awesome!

Here's my dilema....
I am running XP Pro, and I am having a problem saving passwords to sites I admin remotely. I have gone into User Accounts, selected manage my network passwords, selected the network location and typed in the password, applied it. Problem is, the password never stays. I am logged in as administrator when I try adding the password. This problem doesn't occur with Windows 98. It's not a huge problem, mostly an annoyance since the username and domain pop up when I access the sites. But it is annoying trying to continually remember the passwords since I have more than one admin to deal with. Any thoughts or input would greatly be apprecated.

Annie A. :)
Thank you for responding Microbell.

They are not .net passport sites. I believe they run 2000 computers. I run XP Pro.
I log in only to administer the site.
It requires username, password and domain.

It's got to be a security setting in XP. If I log in on a 98 computer, all the info saves and I don't have to type in the password again.
In order to make changes to the local machine in XP , you MUST be part of the local Administrators group ON the machine you are logging into...

Plus, look to ensure that the Shared folders are set up and that permissions are set on them,,

Further, have you set up the Remote Support Settings on the XP boxes?
Hi Crash...

Yes to the first two questions.

On the third, I'm not sure how to set up remote support settings.
Can you elaborate please?

Never had this problem on 98 or 2000.

Thanks :eek:
On the XP boxes, there is a remote support option, you must go into the add/remove options for the OS and into IIS, click Details, then choose World Wide Web Service, Details, and then install the Remote Desktop Web Connection.....

Once this is installed, you have to enter your username/password into it to authenticate to administer remotely..

Give it a shot,,,

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