XP Pro keeps killing my theme

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Just was wondering if anyone knows what causes this. It happens about 3-5 minutes after I boot my system. A window pops up stating "Please Wait" along with a chirp from the PC speaker then everything turn black and white except that popup. When the pop up goes away XP stripped my theme and I am left with what looks like a regular Win 2000 desktop. I can go back into themes and it states that I have a modified theme. I pick my regular theme and everything works fine until the next time I boot my system. It is really annoying. I thought maybe my system could not handle the theme services but then that means that it should revert me back to the drab desktop whenever I am doing anything heavy duty. It never does it until I have rebooted or just started the system. I have an 800 Mhz Athlon (Slot A) with 384MB RAM, Shuttle Ais1 MB, creative 5.1 sound, Gigabyte Riva TNT2 32 MB video.
your profile isnt being saved innit, i dunno about xp but in win2k 9x etc your profile was stored in a .dat file, is this machine on a network?
No the machine is a standalone. But if the profile wasn't being saved why would it be fine for the fist 3-5 minutes then change afterward? I change the theme back to my predifined settings and it is fine. After logging off or rebooting the machine it works with my saved theme settings again, for 3-5 minutes then reverts back to the Win2K style desktop until I change it back to my theme. I only know of one other person with this problem through a thread I found in a newsgroup. I have been trying to find the solution to this problem for some time now but I am stumped.:confused:
Figured it out! There is an option under accesability options in the control panel. In the general tab there is a checkbox that states "turn off accesability options after x minutes of inactivity" For some reason this was checked and set to 5 minutes. I unchecked it and no more problem!
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