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I am trying to install XP Pro onto my system. I do not have a bootable CD so I downloaded 6 bootable floppies to help with the installation. Everything was going fine until the last floppy I put in told me to wait, which was installing the keyboard DLL library, and the lights went out on the keyboard. Now the keyboard did allow me to push enter when the system asked me if I wanted to install XP with the CD (still no lights on KBD) and it advanced to command me to insert th CD. But once I push enter with the CD inside, the KBD no longer works. There is nothing wrong with the KBD. It works in my other computer and still works on the current computer. Does anyone have any suggestions?
im not completely sure what happened here.

Did it finish installing boot info from the last floppy disk?
If so, i assume you tried reinstalling the floppy disk again. By, reformatting and starting all over again. Because it's possible that when installing from the floppies that something went wrong. Or maybe one of the files on the floppies is corrupted.

Where did you get these boot disks?
I downloaded the floppies form Bootdisk.com. I had downloaded these disk before from the site and used them in another computer which worked fine. I tried using them in the current computer and thought that maybe there was something wrong with my disks. Also the XP Pro is a burnt CD which I used in that other computer and as I said , the install went fine.
And yes I did try reinstalling it again from the first floppy to the 6th floppy. It did the exact same thing and I even used a different kbd.

very common mistake,, with the boot disk type,,, they are specific to the install ,, and bootdisk.com does NOT post them all when last i looked,,,

not sure who is updating that site?

MB..Your linking is awesome!!!

Good Stuff! :)
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