xp pro install trouble


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i have tried to install xp from a full install with home on aswell
(it seemed a good idea at the time)
it asked me to put on another partion so i did
no to reverse what i have done and go back to xp home
any help or ideas?


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what you wrote is not very clear sir.

you said you installed xp pro on a seperate partition? then xp home should be on the other partition and easiliy accessible. you'll just need to configure your bootloader.

however if you had to reformat your disk to make the new partition, then you lost your original installation of xp. if this is the case, you will have to reinstall xp home.

btw, rumour has it that xp pro is better than xp home.


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um yeah the pro i have has is a pre used key so i think that home would be better (or has been sugested)
if you think i would be better off then yeah

before installed i already had a partion (two 15gb)
c and d home was already installed on c and it gave me heaps of crap about intalling in the same drive so i went to drive d (one and only problem)
so now i have an os on each drive
i think i will just wipe the whole drive, remove partion and start again
it seems logical and will clean it up as far as speed goes

thank you for your help jack