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I am going to partition 60 gig H/D. I would like to move all possible files and programs to second partition, reformat and reinstall XP O/S on first partition on 2 gigs, then share files and programs with second O/S (Linux) to be installed later.Which files and programs can I move safely and how? Note: Will be using Partition Magic
Your best bet would be to only move documents and other static files. Rather than actually moving your programs over, I would rather move over the installs for said programs. Also, before a format, ensure that you have all the necessary drivers for your system.
I've taken everyones advice and backed files up to disk, I think I'll get an external H/D in the future. I really don't need to move programs since they seldom work right after tansfer and I have disks. Now I just have to figure out how to get Linux to work on NTFS. I've read how but now I need to let it sink in and find the easiest way to access my files in both O/S's. I could revert to Fat 32 but have had little success since XP loves to compress hidden files. I even tried the command line prompt to uncompress all files but still didn't gain access to them all. I niether have the time nor temperment to try again unless there's a free program for that purpose.
It does, but according to manual it has to be installed to a Linux ext2 logical partition which has to be first on an extended partition with a second logical part., Linux swap, with a lot of special instruction I haven't figured out.
wow. what a pain in the ass. welll, I'll feel your pain shortly. looking at setting up a test server using linux. I hear it's one of the best ways to truly learn the dynamics of tcp/ip
You could use PowerQuest's PartitionMagic. It's not free, but I can PM you with a way to get it from the net.

You simply create the partition and tell it you want to install Linux on it and it will create the swap and ext2 partitions alone. You might need to convert them to NTFS after, but that's easy to do with Partition Magic.

Seloce: I suggest you install Slackware..can be hard to begin with, but it's also one of the best ways to truely learn UNIX/Linux. =)
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