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I have a bit of a problem. I love using Paint while cleaning up images, and I don't have a toolbox all of a sudden! I have checked the box next to toolbox in the View dropdown menu, and it doesn't do anything...it's like it's just not there. Does anyone know how to reset Paint to default settings? I have tried uninstall/reinstall, both manually and through Add/Remove Programs, but it didn't change anything. Any advice would be appreciated!

I am using Windows XP.
Hi ,,

You might want to try reinstalling this component of the OS,,

get into your control Panel,,,and go into ADD/REMOVE programs,, then along the side ,, choose ADD/REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS..from there a new window will open,,,highlight Accessories and Utilities,, and then click on the DETAILS button in the bottom right corner,,

Another window will open with Accessories or Games as options,,

highlight Accessories and hit ..DETAILS again,,,

in the new window,, scroll down to paint,, Hightlight it,,and make sure that there is a checkmark in the box ,,,

hit OK,, you may be asked for your XP cd Rom,,

reboot,, try it again,,

you can also try using the system restore feature....if this does not work,..do what crash abbott said.
How exactly do I use the system restore feature? Thanks for answering BTW...
Crash Abbott had the same idea I did...unfortunately, when Paint came back up again after the reinstall/reboot, my toolbox still wasn't there. Thanks again!
ok,, well thats rotten!

Before moving away from the add windows component,, you might also want to try removing paint, rebooting , then reinstalling Paint,, sometimes without it being removed and then rebooted ,, it doesnt forget that the program is there and will only go through the motions of the install,,,

next,, go into your start menu and go into help,, type system restore and you will be given a number of options,, look for Start the System Restore Wizard in the left hand pane,,

This will allow you to restore your system to a specific date in time PROVIDED that you did NOT do a disk cleanup and delete ALL but the latest RESTORE POINT,, if you did that then forget it,,

However, if Paint NEVER had the toolbar in your memory of using this machine,, you will not be able to restore it,,

Hey hey! System Restore worked, and my toolbox is back. Thanks guys, from the bottom of my heart...:)
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