XP OS problems


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I cannot bring up my desktop. The computer keeps on going through Checkdisk and Check files.
Also I cannot get into the BIOS after the computer repeats checkdisk.
To get into my BIOS I have to remove the battery. I set up my CD/DVD disk drive as 1st boot up device but the Windows XP CD will not start to do a repair. Chk disk/Scandisk runs, the computer restarts and just goes back to Check Disk, Check Files. To go back again into my BIOS I have to remove the battery again.
I have two RAM sticks which total 1G. If I remove one stick the computer goes into a memory dump then back to Check Disk repeatedly. Then again if I want to enter my BIOS I have to pull the battery. Also the keyboard does not work when check disk repeats but does work at least one time after I remove the battery to get into the BIOS. Error messages at startup say to change my video adapter as one way of checking hardware problems. Does video adapter mean the same thing as video card?
With an OS called Puppy-Linux that boots up from a CD I am able to get to the Puppy-Linux desktop and see two of my hard drives (I have two other hard drives in my computer) except the primary problem drive because I have a SATA card adapter in a PCI slot and the problem drive is a SATA drive. So the Puppy-Linux OS does not see the main drive and I cannot copy any of the main drive's files and then format it. However since I can get to a desktop by using Puppy-Linux I think this rules out any hardware problem.
The problems started when I was trying to copy to a DVD-RAM disk and saw a new icon in my system tray which allowed me to change my cache when all this started. I changed the cache to 128 out of a maximum of 256 indicated.
I'm wondering if there could be a failure not related to all this, like having an excessive amount of email messages stored-I have at least around 2000 messages saved in Outlook Express.
I have a Gigabyte GA 7VAXP motherboard with an Athlon 1500+ CPU.
Hope I can get some help.
Frank C.