XP on two machines?

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Ã…nubis said:
Hey all,

Is it possible to put a copy of Windows XP Home on two machines? (ie mine and the missus')

If so what about the registration stuff?

Cheers guys!


I never bought XP Pro but My friend did and he gave me it and I used the same Key but with my info, your using the same info.

So I don't see why not other then gettng another license for the same XP which you bought and would like to have on both of your computers.

To find out for sure if you want just visit mirosoft.com
Ã…nubis said:
Hmmm interesting, thanks for that.

It's just that on another site i was told that it's only XP Pro you can install on more than one machine and XP Home is only for one machine.

I'm just after a second opinion...

I don't see why not Anubis. There might be something I don't know. I never used XP home just went straight to Pro.

And why would that be the only Window version you can't do that? I would be asking questions to and I surely wouldn't buy it if I wasn't able to put it on all five of my computers.

Just IMO

Let me know on this ok ;)
Ã…nubis said:
I don't see why not either. It's just that i don't want to wipe off 98 and not be able to install XP that's all.

You know how funny M$ can be :(

well if you copyed everything you wanted from 98 it's only going to cost you some time. You can always reload 98 again.

Hows you connection speed for doing updates?

I got a few computers home here and I do have a copy of XP home. I can't tell you where I got it :rolleyes: :D NO TRADE SHARE ONLY.
Ã…nubis said:
Only one PC is conntected to the net (576k) - yep it's mine!

I'll have a bash at it tomorrow as i've got the day off work! YAY! - well not really 'cos my cars going in for some work so it's gonna cost me :(

watch the taxes :(

Ok Anubis let me know what happens, I have 3.5mbs - 400k^
I can always have you direct connect ;) If you need anything.
Ã…nubis said:
Let me explain something.

Here in the UK 576k is good. As expensive costs (it costs me £24 p/m for that kinda speed) it aint easy for us UK folk to get a good connection.No this is good

3.5mbs - that's just sickening (green eyed monster :D)

How did you know I have green eyes, wow :D Really I do.

This speed sucks really. I know people with T3 connections now that's speed - 100mbs and 100mb^ My pockets because of taxes are broken to get 10mbs with no caps on.

Opps we are getting off topic here. I'll PM you :)

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