XP Notebook has a long think before doing something.

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Howdy, I have this notebook which has about a 10 second lag from when you click on something until it actually opens. Its is a Centrino 1.6 with 512Mb RAM running XP Pro SP2. The HDD light isn't doing anything during this lag period so it doesn't seem to be writing to virtual memory.
It only does this in normal Windows mode, seems to run fine in safe mode. I have turned off nearly all the items in startup thinking one of those was causing it, but no change. I have scanned for viruses and spyware, found nothing
I also did a HDD diag with Seagate Tools. It showed the drive as being fine but the NTFS partion failed. I ran scandisk and system file checker to repair any damaged system files but the lag is still there.
Is there something I am overlooking? My next step is to clone the install onto another HDD incase some bad sectors are causing the problem. I might also reinstall XP over the top of the current instalation. Other than that I am out of ideas.
Any help?
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