XP Networking problems

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I am using WinXP Home and am on a LAN and when I go to look for other computers on the network using Start\my network places\entire network\micro.. win network it cannot find any computers on the network. Yet when I use the find computers search and enter the name of a specific machine windows can find it. Any ideas on haw to find all the computers on the network??

that could be any number of things.

do you have file sharing installed?

does the machine have to log onto a windows domain? or is this a more relaxed peer to peer setup?

are you using DHCP?

if this is a static IP setup, are all of your settings done properly?
cannot get networked in xp

:angry: I have been trying to get xp to network thru my router which connects my cable modem (comcast) cannot see either computer can someone please help?

file sharing is enable ip address are 1 number off 11 and 12 . I even ran networking disk
Might be one of those "real-time" solutions. E-mail me through my profile and I will give you my AIM name. There we can chat and sort out the problem in real time.

well something really simple is that if you can't see any computers, look on the side to see if it has "show files" (or something similar)
or when you do the search create a shortcut on the desktop or something
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