Xp is slow and hangs like a dead man...

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Have three pentium 4 machines connected to our network. They are the slowest machines on the block an dalso all 3 do this thing of timing out on downloading e-mail which is delivered to our server via a frame realy from the US. One of the machines has 512 RAM and is still getting hangs/freezes. On performance monitor all 3 machines topout on 100% CPU often and get stuck there and this means reboot. Also sevreal apps don't run like they do on the good old 98SE.
I've taken a few services out like indexing to see oif that would help but no cigar....the machines orginally had Xp Home but then were upgraded to Xp Pro. Don't know if this would cause probs like an Me ->Xp upgrade.
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The other big problem I get is with a Telnet app that we use which is forever dropping out on alll the Xp machines. I seem to remember there being an Xp service for telnet somewhere but couldn't find it in services.msc???
We only have the IP address for the telnet server which is where all the central databases are that we access--the connection's a 512K frame relay--now the Xp machines have a greater problem with this then the 98 machines.

Also, with the e-mail donwload problem--I can try for an hour to get all the e-mails down on an Xp station and they keep getting stuck on the same large one but I can zip across to the 98 station and download all the mail from the same account in 3minutes flat by setting up another identity. Don't know if there are some extra security settings that I've missed or whether Xp does extra scans that slows things down and then the server stops responding--which is the message I get. Don't get that message on the 98 machines for the same mail download--which leads me to deduce that some settings in Xp are causing the timeouts.....

How do I change the RAM timings?
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