XP home edition wireless network problem

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I'm trying to get a friend's XP machine back on their wireless network. Although I'm inexperienced with wireless - I didn't think this would be a big deal. The card is showing up in the machine's settings as working properly - but when I do an ipconfig I get the message. "Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 5 - Media State ...: Media disconnected" Well - I'd like to get it connected - but all of the searches I've done have shown nothing. The card is a DWL-650+ and the AP is DI-614+. Any clues?
A stupid answer, but it's not in your post so it's worth putting up to make sure you've tried it.

First, make sure all your TCP/IP settings are correct for the card. Make sure that it has a proper IP address, and the subnet address is the same as what the other computers are using. If you're using a DHCP hub for internet sharing, make sure the computer has a gateway that is the hub/router's IP address. Then check the even simpler things -- are the computers all on the same workgroup? Is the computer in question getting signal/within range of the hub?

Other than that...not sure what to tell you. Say something if you're still having problems (and don't throw stuff at me for the "basics" answer).
Another question is can you connect to other people's wireless networks or see them?

Download a program called netstumbler (google it) and next time your friend drives around get him to run it on his laptop.

Bets way of seeing if it's you, or the router. But it sounds more like the PC to me
are all the drivers installed properly? Did that card come with a program? Do you see a black computer icon with a red "x" in the taskbar? YES? ->If you double click it, what do you see?
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