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I've been trying to work out this problem for months, but haven't had any luck. Before trying to install Windows XP Pro I always run the system check. Everytime when the check is finished there is a conflict with my display adapters. I am using a GeForce4 Xtasy ti4200 128MB video card. I have been to the nvidia site and have downloaded the latest and greatest drivers for Windows 98se (My current OS) but still no good. So I just end up trying to install XP anyways. Well everything goes good, I tell it what kind of install I want, enter my product key, it does its thing and then restarts. It's during this time when my PC just goes blank. My system reboots and shows the XP splash screen, but before the little indicator bar gets a chance to make it across even once, the screen goes black and the computer doesn't respond.

PC Specs:
AMD Athlon 900MHz
ABIT KT7-RAID Motherboard
320MB PC100 Memory
60gig 7200rpm HD
GeForce4 Xtasy ti4200 128MB AGP 4x Video card
Audigy X-Gamer

Please guys, seriously some help would be greatly appreciated and awarded anyway I can.

-Shawn from Maryland
AIM - hippy4president
ICQ - 165980473
Of Course...if you want to do a clean install it will cost more money for the disk because its like $100 for the Upgrade and like $200 for the full install. <-Is that what you mean by clean install? I'm not sure why it would go blank (black) even if the video card was messed up because you should still get the Welcome and everything but just some wacked out colors. MicroBell sounds about right so go with his idea(s)
Slam'n Systems said:
Of Course...if you want to do a clean install it will cost more money for the disk because its like $100 for the Upgrade and like $200 for the full install.

Not necessarly, if you have an upgrade CD you can just go to install then it will prompt for a previous windows install CD. when it's verified that you have a previous OS it will ask to put back in the XP CD then install

when you got drivers for the video card why didn't you get drivers for XP?
OK, when installing XP it is a good idea to use an old low powered gfx card, PCI if possible and swap it out when the install is complete. Xp doesn't carry an infinite amount of drivers and the more modern the card the less the likelyhood of xp finding a driver........

Also when installing XP you want as few components as possible installed, so remove all cards (especially sound and network cards) except for gfx and modem and ensure things like printers and scanners are not connected.

Doing this will take a massive strain off of the install process as XP is not trying to sort out IRQ's and drivers.

Another trick is to lower the FSB speed slighty and have memory timings on safe. Of course this is not true on ALL installs but if your having problems installing XP its the way to go as even if you do manage to install it, the odds are it will be unstable/ corrupted so you will end up doing yet another install.............

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