XP broadband connection issue

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I have a cable modem, connected via Cat5 to a homegrown computer w/ LEGAL Win XP Pro. Here's the problem -

When I fire the computer up from the screensaver and try to access the internet (via Explorer 6, or any other prog), I get the "unable to display web page" screen, as if I am not connected to the internet. This is in any of the 3 XP user accounts.

However, if I reboot, log in as a different user than the admin, and just pull up a page, I can then logout, go back to the admin account, and surf to my hearts content.

If the screen saver activates, I have to do the above routine again.

Time Warner (my broadband provider) has no other information for me, other than the above. This only started a couple of weeks ago. Norton and the Zone Alarm firewall had been working fine for 2 months. Restoring to previous config did not help.

System: 1GB AMD Tbird, 384MB (3x128) PC100 RAM, Abit KT7A Mobo, Generic video and sound, Linksys NIC, Toshiba cable modem, Real Win XP Pro, Zone Alarm Firewall, Norton 2002 Antivirus, - more info available if needed


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There is an XP patch regarding a problem with the direct3d screensaver. I don't know if this will fix your problem, but give it a shot. You can find the patch here..
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