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After reinstalling XP,which solved many problems, I can not boot up without my XP disk. When I try, I just get a insert disk and hit any key command. I have tried to find a way to boot from hard drive in normal mode but can't. Every inquiry to knowledge base has not addressed this issue. Any ideas or fixes. Also my num lock turns off each time I boot or log on which is a pain if anyone can tell me how to stop this. I have never encountered these problems through 3 operating systems and am baffled.
So every time you boot, you MUST have the XP CD in the drive??

That's very odd, and it should not do that.

Do you have XP home or Pro?
Worth a try to set the primary boot device to floppy, then HD and CD-ROM, though if you are having severe problems try putting HD as first-priority.
Thanks everyone, now booting from hd. Still can't figure out num lock prob, have changed num lock value set for InitialKeyboardIndicators from 0 to 2 but still turns off with logoff.
Thanks again everyone.

Well it happened, "fatal error". Had to totally reformat. Bad news lost it all, good news after complete reinstall all my problems disappeared along with everything else. Funny how my recovery disk, safe mode or anything else could save it. I knew to much tinkering might cause trouble but who'd have thunk it?
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