Xp and Phone-line Adapter?

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Just bought a new pc and it came with xp...both our other pc's run on win98...when i tried to install our Home Free Phone Line Adapter{usb network hub} on the Xp...it installed the hardware but not the software...error mess: no win9x found on this computer...installation incomplete...Xp (help) suggested i check the compat. list online..that wasnt much help to me..I was wondering if maybe there was a way to make Xp accept the software?...something?...anything?...lol....I'm hoping theres a loophole around this crap!...Any help or suggestions welcome..Thanks in advance.....................Smackee
really, if the software was designed only for windows 98, chances are it wont install on XP, what you can do is try running the install in compatability mode. to do this:

find the setup.exe or whatever setup file is on the cd,
right click on it and chose properties. There should be a tab at the top or something for compatability mode, chose windows 98 from the drop down menu. hit ok and try installing.

If that still does not work, your only chance is to go to the website of the software manufacturer and check for XP compatible software.

good luck!
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