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I read, in a post earlier, that the Windows XP activation number is supposed to be easy to find. Well I must say that I have had the hardest time finding it.:confused:
Soo... could anyone possibly tell me where the # is stored on both Windows XP and Office XP?
No. Is there a place on the pc that the activation #'s are stored after the program is installed and activated the first time?
Just for the record let me clarify. I'm not talking about the CD-key, I'm talking about the Activation number that you get when you call Microsoft and activate over the phone.
yeah, I knew what you meant. I just assumed that had you legitemately purchased the cd and actually called microsoft, their customer support staff would've definitely had you write down the number, (e)mail it to you, or something similar if that was the only time they'd give it to you. otherwise, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to call in and get it again...should the need arise.

a side note, just looked through my registry briefly...now, I'm not saying this IS the code...but it looks a lot like it. take a look and you tell me:

hkey_current_user > software > microsoft > windows > current version > installer > upgrade codes
Nope... thats not the right code. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Oh and just so oyu know I did legitematley buy this copy of the software. I even sent Microsoft an E-mail asking if they ccould give me the number or how I coulld get it. I believe their response was somehting along the lines of "were sorry, but you must buy another license". Surprisingly enough they were more than happy to give me the address of their licensing site.:eek: :rolleyes:
my friend just gives them hell,
ITS NOT MY FAULT U MAKE A POS SOFTWARE THAT I HAVE TO REFORMAT MY HARD DRIVE AND INSTALL WINDOWS EVERY MONTH AND ACTIVATE IT".... somehting along those lines anyway....after a few spazms(sp?) they let him in.
yes that is all you have to do is tell them off, they'll give it back to you

for the future if you refomat, copy the wpa.dbl file to cd first from the windows system 32 folder, and after you reformat, and install all your your drivers, put it back and you won't have to reactivate
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