XP 3000 System $300


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XP 3000 System $235

heres what is included

60GB harddrive 7200rpm
elitegroup k7vta3 motherboard.
amd athlon xp 3000 cpu
ati radion 9100 (hercules 3d prohpet,tv/dvi out)
256mb ddr ram (2100mhz i think)
thermaltake silentboost heatsink/fan

this is a very nice system capable of playing all the latist games. It runs halflife 2 fine. Pop in a bit more ran and you have a killer system.

I bought all of this 2 months ago. Everything is rock solid excellent condition.

$235.00 plus shipping, Come on guys you cant pass this up. This is an AWSOME deal and my loss is your gain BIGTIME.

this is not a complete system,only whats listed is included. Basicly you need case/monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers to be a complete system/

Harddrive will come with a fresh install of windows xp pro.


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nope sorry
everything is in perfect condition. No way in hell would i be selling this for this cheap, But i blew the timing belt in my car and need money for parts. Shipping anywhere in the US would be about 20 bucks


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he is in Michigan,just be carful dealing with him he will tell you item is shipped should be there in a couple days but never will send item,he just did it to me on May 1st said items would be here by Wednesday May4th. then finally told the truth that he NEVER sent items after I told him our deal was off since I had a feeling he never sent them out....if you deal with him hope you have better luck then I did.....WOULD NEVER DEAL WITH IF I WERE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!