xbox 360 new cd drive key. to play games.

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well i bought an xbox and it did the open tray buisness because the motor and the laser dont work but it does reconize theres a xbox cd drive in there we bought a new one and were putting a new key but will the drive work to get the key out of it to put in the new one

thanks marcus
plesae help
I've had a similar issue and I've found the best thing to do isn't to get the key from the old one and put it on the new one.

Hopefully you bought the exact same model DVD drive for your 360 because it won't work if you didn't get the same one.

Anyways here is what you have to do:

Take the logic board out of the original drive (the green circuit board on the bottom of the drive) and put it in the new drive that works. This way you replace all the hardware in your drive but your 360 still thinks that it has the original drive in it.
hey mate thanks for that but i was just wondering if i wanted the key would my old drive be goood enough to take it off and will it play my games
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