X2 Overclocking


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I overclocked 3% but now i have stopped simpily.because i dont know what to do with the voltage. I was wondering because people seem to down the voltage when they overclock dual core. Im not sure what to do.


The Amish Kid

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Well that is only a 66mhz overclock which isn't much. Keep raising the HTT 5mhz at a time, I usually will run a SuperPi 1M test just to test quick stability. Then once the 1M test wont finish you know its unstable and you need to raise the voltage. I would probably go to somthing like 1.45v then start raising the HTT agian. You can keep doing this but I wouldn't go past 1.55-1.6v for everyday use. That's if you have good air cooling.

Are you using stock cooling? If you are I would really watch the temps, also you probably shouldn't raise the voltage too much. Like not past 1.45v