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How good is the X1950 Pro? Can it handle games like Oblivion or Cyrsis? And if so, how well?

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It should handle Oblivion just fine. Crysis is a whole different story though. It will play it at low settings and you may see some stuttering. It's nearly equivalent in performance to a GeForce 7900GS.
if u're looking at AGP cards, get the HD3850, its the fastest single AGP out there, and supports DX10. its on par with the 8800GTS (high-end card).

make sure u have a PEntium D or C2D or AMD X2 or something dualcore to go with it, otherwise u'll bottleneck.

but its AGP so i guess it wont bottleneck as much as its PCI-E counterpart if you're using a single-core chip.

^^^^^^^ assuming ur looking for an AGP solution
otherwise, get a 9600GT if u need a new card and dont have much money. or if u can get an 8800gt, thatd be great too

8600 vs 7600 was pretty much the same, perf wise, except one was newer and supported dx10

8800 vs 7800, 8800 was a LOT faster than the 7800.

HD3850 vs X1950P, HD3850 is MILES AWAY from the X1950P

9600 vs 8600, 9600 is a LOT faster, performs similarly to an 8800GT (highend) but cut down on stream processors and other stuff

9800 vs 8800, not much difference, sadly