X1800XT Beats SLI With 2 7800GTXs

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Guys, that doesn't mean anything. The X1800XT was overclocked using Dry Ice, no1s gonna do that at home. You wouldn't even get half that far of an overclock using stock cooling.

Whats more, the 7800GTXs weren't overclocked at all.
The 7800GTX don't overclock that far even on dry ice, simply because they are 110nm and the X1800XT is 90nm. And the article said that the average overclocker should be able to break 10k on air cooling.
Yeah, the only thing that over,over,overclocked example proves is that the R520's have a lot of overclocking potential. Which for a very small percentage of buyers is extremely important.

But, just straight gamers and average enthusists are looking for a card that is going to kick all new games in the balls. So any of the newest cards... G70's or R520's should do the trick.
Exactly, the hardcore OCing population doesnt take up a huge percentage of gamers. Most of the casual OCers i know just do it on stock cooling, or stuff some Arctic Silver 5 under their GPU heatsinks. I dont think a gigantic overclock like that is gonna be on most gamers agenda.

[and yes, having them in crossfire will be hot :cool: ]
Okay, I smell a good way to waste 400 more dollars... The cards will run anything you throw at it without objection. Why would you need 2? That's an expensive way of bragging rights to lan buddies or whoever you're trying to prove something to...

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