Wizard of Wires
Down and dirty little SMF forum. Software's ok but the look is a bit dark.
As for the GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!, wrong attitude.
You're new and have no members. You want to entice people to stop by and have a look and possibly sign up. For this part of being a webmaster it's all in the delivery.

Hi, I'm (your name goes here).
You may know me from Computerforums.org and many other places on the net where I hang my hat.
I've started a new forum about operating systems. Here we discuss the in's and out's of modern main stream operating systems. We also discuss operating system security. And we've set aside a section for you gamers.
We'd be interested in seeing what you have to say about those subjects and be a part of our family. Stop by and sign up today. It's simple and it's free.
See you there! (link to forum goes here)

Now if you run around posting this at other forum let me give you some more advice. ASK FIRST! If the forum has a spot like we do here then park it in there. If not and you post this and don't come back, I can assure you a miffed mod or admin is going to take it out and ban you. Make friends with other forums. Again, ASK FIRST!

Next is the old saying, Content is King. You have to have something in there to get discussions started. If you build it they will come does not apply here.
And be careful about posting things you didn't write. That can get you in deep do do.

Good luck with that.


In Runtime
Thanks setishock, I see your point. The site is still under construction and love any input that people like yourself have. I am against posting information that hasn’t been posted legitimately because I feel that’s deceitful to visitors. On the other hand I see what you mean about its not a build it and they will come scenario which is what I first thought.

I will what you said onboard