WTS: Silver Pentium 4

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hey i have an:

Intel Pentium 4 - 3Ghz

This processor is by far the best around, running at 3Ghz, the best way of defining it, is as, 'Beast'

ASRock P4VM8 - Socket 478 motherboard

The motherboard compliements the Processor fantastically, ASRock motherboards are fabulous, providing in addition to the 2 case USB ports, a further 6 USB ports aswell as Onboard graphics and sound.

512mb Kingston Ram

Kingston ram is a fantastic product, 512MB does this computer the world of justice, the 512mb Ram makes multi-tasking alot easier and smoother.

Kingston 512 RAm

Onboard sound

The onboard sound is great, especially with the speakers provided!

Onboard graphics

The onboard graphics gives great definition whilst playing your favourite games, and does so in great quality.

80GB Maxtor hard drive

80GB of storage is a large amount, this provides enough space for you to store all your games, videos, music and work on.

DVD-RW - BTC - Dual Layer - (Silver)

When burning DVD's it is alot more effective that using a standard CD, as this DVD-RW uses dual layer writing, u are able to fit twice as much information onto a single DVD disc.......that alot of stuff on just one disk!


DVD-ROM - A-Open - Supports dual-layer DVD's - (Silver)

Watching DVD's on your own computer is great, especially with this A-open 16x speed DVD-rom, which supports dual layer DVD-ROM's


Floppy drive - (Silver)

The classic, Floppy drive, this is a standard silver floppy drive, which just gives this computer that little bit of originarty. Great!



This case is from the CS-305 series, the case is mainly silver, but with orange drive clads.

This computer is brand new, and has never been used! Due to the nature of this item, i am only going to be shipping to the UK! All the optical drives are silver. Windows Xp professional is installed on this computer along with Microsoft E-trust Anti-Virus, Power DVD-5 and Nero Burning 6.

The computer also comes equiped with a matching optical mouse, keyboard and set of speakers.

The price i am asking for this computer is £500, If you are interested please give me an offer by simply posting it below.

Thankyou for your time.



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you can all assume Matt_999 has either sold or decided to keep thes procs for himself...

there fore I'll lock the thread and just ask that nobody tries to contact him regarding these chips
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