wtf is with this new dialup mumbo jumbo

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so you've all seen the commercials with the roadrunner, the stick figures, and that football guy.
but is all those dial-up ISP's that claim UP TO 6x FASTER THAN REGULAR DIAL-UP! ... is that even true? or all mumbo jumbo?

they could probly say that and not be concidered as false advertising if they assume regular dialup is 8kpbs...?

so if it is true... is it just page downloading? or will it have any affect on gaming?
i doubt i will have any effect on gaming unless your playing blizzards series of games on their network.
No, don't listen to those advertisements. All it does is compress your images and makes them look like crap to make surfing faster. Those services are a bunch of fraud. I tried it when i was on NetZero, and their "HiSpeed" service was actually SLOWER than their regular service if you viewed images at full quality.
goo to know, i thought it sounded fishy that u could have 6 times faster internet ont he same phone line

anyways we're goinna get it anyways for now since its still 5 less than what we pay
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