(WTB) GPU & PSU .. (UK) ..


Fully Optimized
England, UK
Does anyone have a GPU such as a 950TI or upwards with a PSU as such for the Card. Something preferably like a 700W upwards .. Looking for 80+ Certified along with the card in working order. Prefer never to have been overclocked.

I need one badly for SETI as I take part in it but even then.

If you have any good working order AMD GPUS along with a good quality PSU I'll be interested .

Also looking for Systems such as DELL, HP, ACER, ... Anything complete that works out the Box so basically I don't have to mess around with it getting things up and running.

Looking for working hardware, GPU, PSU, Complete systems,

Also if you have a TV for sale such as a good working order 32 Inch and above I'm interested.

And finally, I'm not rich, I really wish I was but unfortunately I'm not so I next get paid my income at the beginning of next month.

Have a think, if you have especially any working Job-Lots especially of working Systems like I said with at least 4GiB of preferbally DDR3 for DELL, HP ACER Ect: Let me know.

I get paid at the end of this month and the beginning of next month but all ways looking for hardware.

Keep the prices reasonable and I'll have a GPU & PSU off you. I'm desperately in need for SETI.

Inbox me and we can work work something out.