Wow I really F----- up!


Daemon Poster
So I was bored sitting on my computer about 25 minutes ago, so I started looking through the desktops thread here, and I realized how ugly Windows Xp taskbar really is.
So I looked on Google and many people have changed their themes with some downloads.
So I downloaded that patch thingy (I have SP3) and let it do what it did with the warnings and stuff.
Then next thing I know BAM! It goes to Windows Classic, I'm thinking well IDK this is normal, so I download the theme
The webpage (Look for Vista Perfection x64)
I do what it tells me, and nothing! I don't get it in properties or anything.
So I think to myself "Ehh, no biggie I'll just go back to the Windows Media Center" OHH S--- it won't work!!
So now I kinda panic but I know I have Google :D
I see what I can find and it says I corrupted my registry! So it gives me a link to a FREE registry cleaner. Well anyways, FREE my A@@ for 15 lame fixes and that's it.... (Ripoffs)
So now I'm panicking Idk what is going on and I'm worried.
I'm about to turn to you guys, when I realize CCLEANER!! I download and use it still nothing :mad: :mad: :mad:
So I go on the internet in desperation and I get an idea, WINDOWS RESTORE!!
Now usually Microsoft isn't the best, but I tried it, and good ol' rich Bill Gates pulled through!!
I'm back to normal now!!
Jesus that was a scary experience.....
Anyways I have Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 SP3.
I don't really wanna go through that again, but now I know what to do! (In case of FAIL)
Anyways, any of you guys know a good website with good themes and a COMPREHENSIVE walkthrough?
Or can you guys just tell me how to install the theme I showed here?