Would you say this is decent?

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Okay, so a year ago I went to the nearest pc shop which build custom computers. The computer I had built is used for music production. To be honest, I was stupid at that time. I was on a budget of 800, but I honestly did need a powerful system as soon as possible.

Originally I wanted a carillon pc or something like that, but I got too impatient saving up for it.

I was not there when they built the pc, so I don't know how they built it and if the components / spec are that good which really concerned me.

However, dont get me wrong the pc is perfectly stable and rarely crashes, and is more than enough for what I do out of the studio. I'm just interested in what you think of the spec.

Intel pentium 4 @ 3GHZ
Gigabyte Titan series GA-81848P(-G) (they recommended this motherboard, not me).
800mhz fsb
2GB ddr ram (2x1GB)
250GB 7200rpm maxtor sata
Geforce FX5200
liteon cdrw/dvd
Custom case with 3 fan systems
Windows xp oem
No internet connection - so it's a dedicated pc

Excluding soundcard and screen, that cost me 800 uk pounds.

Is that a good deal?

not bad for 800 no, since its just music produciton you really dont need any gfx cards or anything TOL like that...

you can OC that too to make it faster...
that would be good if it was 800 Canadian dollars.. but pounds?! thats like $1,500 US dollars.. i know parts are expensive in that part of the world... but.. if you had built it yourself i'm sure you woulda done a lot better..
Yeah I already had a feud with a friend about how bad he got ripped off my a friend when he paid $1,800 and its way worse then your system. Definatly could have done better but I made a build that cost $900 to build in US But like $1,400 to build in the UK. CRAZY!
yeah this is prescott too. Thanks for the reply's that puts my mind at ease. You know, in all fairness to the guys, the support was amazing. They worked with me on my budget and gave me the best deal for that price.

I could of built it myself, but thats just a whole project in itself. I really needed something like a.s.a.p. I do love my pc.

I still think nusystems and carillons look tasty though!! he he
I find custom building goes a long way in comparison to buying one where they set it up. The current PC I'm looking at will blow away the above mentioned one for around $1350'ish CAD.
Nice what specs?.

I don't see the point in getting a really high powered (I mean more than recommended) pc if you are never going to use its power. Thats just a waste of money. But on the same score, it gives great room for performance and newer apps which (regards to music production...do actually take up huge amounts of processing power and counting), I guess its the same in any production environment, esp video production.

The graphics card I got out my old pc, being an agp board in the new machine aswell. I kicked myself in the teeth when I saw what kind of pc's they offer at my nearest gear retailer now. The service started a week or so after I got mine. We are talking possible upgrades to like:

3.73GHZ, 4GB ram, 1TB hard drive space and motherboards supporting 1066mhz/*

clearly this kinda power is already in reality, but way above what I need for now. One day maybe...

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