Would Halo Combat Evolved work on the Acer AspireRevo

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Hello, So I am a gamer, but I recently ran into a situation where my rig up and died on me. I am looking for a cheap desktop that can play some games. Games I love to play include Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront two, (pretty much any star wars game, And of course Halo Combat Evolved/Custom Edition.

I have found this cheap Nettop on Walmart.com and was wondering if I could get a few opinions if Halo would work. If so, would any of the other games I listed work? I am not too good along the lines of technical terms, so I am pretty lost when it comes to computer specifications.

This is the nettop I am viewing. Walmart.com: Acer Black/White AspireRevo 1600-910H Mini Desktop PC with Intel Atom 230 Processor & Windows XP (SP3): Computers
I wouldn't expect it to run games very well. Halo is old, and it might not run that very well. The atom is a great processor for mobile work, but not really meant for gaming. it also doesn't have a graphics card at all. You can probably buy a barebones system and a cheap graphics card for almost the same price and be better off. I'll look around.
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