Worth The Money?

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Would you say this system is worth the money?

Executive Case
300W Power Supply
AMD Athlon XP2100+ Processor
512MB Ram
60GB Hard Drive
48x16x48 CR-RW
Up To 64MB Shared Video memory
16BIT Sound
3.5 Floppy Drive
56k Modem
4x USB Ports [2 at front]
10/100 Network Card

Scroller mouse, Keyboard and Speakers

Note: No monitor or operating system are provided.
Price - £600 (which is about $900 i think)
I would have to say no for sure.. with onboard video and no monitor, you could definately do better building it yourself. Considering I could build a much nicer system for $900 Canadian (less than £400) that INCLUDES a monitor, you should continue shopping around :)
You could build that yourself for around 500 bucks if you looked hard. I have to recomment AMD Duron Processors! I love them!
Durons are OK, but they only have a 64K L2 cache. You should get an Athalon XP 1800 (1.5GHz) which has a 256K L2 cache, they only cost about $60 at pricewatch.
Well, from what I heard, Durons are quite overclockable. I don't have one but I think they don't require unlocking. Anyway, I think we can agree that AMD is the way to go, even if price is not an issue.
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