working at dell


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[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]they fired me for no reason.... I have been a good worker and they just up and decided to fire me one day... my supervisor is a ______ all she does is yell and scream all day....

They constantly complain but they have never said to any of us in our line "good job" or anything

they also wont let you wear earplugs in the very loud factory. I lost some of my hearing due to this. They yelled at someone in chassis prep for 15 minutes about him wearing earplugs.

They also wont let you sit down or anything. They had a problem with me going to the bathroom alot. well I told them I have a weak bladder and it was no big deal if I was gone a few minutes becuase all I was doing most of the time was pressing the "done" button for the box of parts to move down teh converyor. the person next to me cna take over.

I also caution you to not work there if you have any problems with your body whatsoever. They dont accept it. They will fire you like they did me.

it wasnt affecting my work at all. I did better than anyone else in my line!!!

heck people that were there for several months were dropping hard drives and other components, missing parts, getting parts wrong one chick i saw there missed liek 15 in one day! the most I missed was 8. and she's been there 4 months!

and people were dropping hard drives next to me and she wasnt complaning or doing anything, I just sit on an empty box and she yells at me for 15 minutes!!!

working at dell is hard.... they treat ya like crap and the backorder on teh OptiPlex line is over 200,000!!!!

also they are on backorder 190,000 some on dimension..... and I can tell ya now... they are getting cheaper by the thousands.... the motherboards are chinese no name ones. and one day they went back for 25 new ones cuase they didnt work. I cant even count how much defective RAM I saw in one day.....

I wasnt even buiding the systems and I can allready see that they are cheap.

I almost got into build and I got fired. just becuase my supervisor decided to pick on me.... she hated my guts for soem reason..

ill tell ya soemthing.... ya better watch who ya work for and take a reeely good lookat what you buy before ya buy it...

oh watch out for your hard drives..... 7000 defective ones are out.... they relesed them anyway.....

Oh yeah i took a good look at Chassis prep and saw like 10 broken cases in my line alone!!! they just shattered!!!

yah and I am Comptia A+ certified and I was put in an area I was just sticking optical drives in boxes!!! grr!!!!

well its thier loss... not mine!!! My gain actuually I sucked some money out of them and I know lots of inside secrets!!!

also when I left.. the line I used to work in went down the crapper... they used to push out 3200 systems/day now they are barely pushing 2200!!! and one person keeps almost throwing away hard drives!!! at lest like 4-5 a day!!

thats the person they got to "replace" me!! I never ever did anything close to that... the only thing that happened to me there... one of the builders kept breaking teh cd-rom cable for the "pheonix" systems .. which are the thin client ones.... and they have a cable that has the copper circuit traces on a really thin and bendable peice of silicon. and she kept breakign them!! and then I got blamed for breakign them.. I watched her do it....

and also lots of the builders there are overly rough in handling parts they stick in the pc's.... just so they cna be quick.

no wonder everyone gets DOAs!!!

and one of the builders was dropping hard drives!!

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][font=verdana, arial, helvetica]they also blamed me for missing 30 in one week which I looked at the paper and ti was only like 10. they will scare you in every way they can to get whoever they want to quit.

they also lay off lots of people, they lie about your work schedule and make lots of people late.

they also will overtime you to death and they made my fiancee work 32 OT hours last week!!!

I thought you were only legally supposed to work 40 hrs/wk!!!!

dont anyone check employers' work environment.

I also have to say that there are lots of fire and other hazards there as well.

The plant is no where designed for that many systems and also if you go to the "burn" racks where all teh software is installed on teh PCs. it is very very hot over there.

thats a real fire hazard!!!

I dont think that building complies with code!!!


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yah, but lots of people have complained.. they never get thier justice... dell thinks they can get away with anything....


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get the law involved i asked my bestmates dad whos a lawyer he said the law will back you there you can get money . ALL DAT MONEY MONEY MONEY .LOL


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tht realy doesnt sound like a gd place to work

i thought it was when i got my dell it had a video on how they make em and it looked cool guess not


Dell_ate_my_dog said:
yah, but lots of people have complained.. they never get thier justice... dell thinks they can get away with anything....
You are dealing with a multi-billion dollar business.

They can hire the best lawyer teams out there, unfortunately. But started some kind of effort amongst plantiffs may make it more difficult for them to keep ignoring it.


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Sounds like you are better off. Dude I am not getting a dell.

Are you Indian and if so what is your fake alias you give to us americans. John Smith? or does it happen to be George Jetson.

Dell and their fake names are sooo funny.


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Im not indian. Lots of people even at the US locations cant speak english...

lots of the builders they get are immagrants or illegal aliens and lots of them have never seen teh inside of a computer before!!!

its rediculous!!!!


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Sounds terrible I'm certainly not purchasing a Dell. I'm not sure a long grueling court case is worth it, maybe the inside information would make good bribery though LOL.