Woohoo, I get to have all my teeth pulled!

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I've always had extremely sensitive teeth. Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have had problems with my teeth. Had "caps" put on them when I was about 5 or 6. But, for the past few years, I've been fight really bad tooth decay. I brush them regularly, but as does everyone else, I do forget to brush them from time to time. Brushing doesn't really help at all anyway, other than keeping my gums clean.

I've been to several dentists in the past couple years, but never one that I could afford. For instance, the last one I went to, checked my mouth for cancer, and did an x-ray. That cost me $250. Gave me an "estimate" on how much it was going to cost for tooth pulling, and bridge work done. Over $4000, and could only be financed with $1000 up front, and paid off within a year.

I had to go to the emergency room a couple months back, because of a bad tooth ache. I figured it was an infection in a my cavity, sure enough it was. The doctor gave me a list of "cheap" dentists in the area. Called them up a few days later, to find out the pricing, and see what type of financing they can do, if they also do dentures, ect. ect.

The cheapest I found was $1000 for pulling my teeth, and then $475 for dentures 3 months down the road (for healing time). Nothing upfront, except for the cancer screening. Haven't scheduled anything yet, as he doesn't have an opening for the next few weeks. But I go in ge the screening done, wait a couple days, and go back in for a few hours of sittin' a chair. Come out with no teeth! Luckily, they have the best financing available too.

I'm rather happy about it. I've always wanted to get my teeth pulled, but could never afford it. Can't wait 'til all this pain goes away!
Tooth pain is the worst. I can deal with a headache or a sore joint but tooth pain is something that is constantly biting away at my sanity. I have one or two teeth that seem overly sensitive than the rest. Cold drinks, ice cream, youch!

Sucks to hear that you have to get them pulled. Sounds like a major overhaul. But hey - it sounds like it's what you want, so kudos to that! Congrats.
Yeah, normally people want to keep their teeth. Not me... For the past 2 weeks, I've had a bruised jaw because of the tooth pain. I'll be glad once they're all gone. Dentist said he's never seen teeth that looked as bad as mine, be as clean as mine though. He actually suggested I stop brushing my teeth for a week, and only use mouth wash to see if the pain subsides. Never heard of a dentist saying that before.
Wow, I couldn't imagine having all my teeth pulled. I've never had a cavity or any teeth pulled. I had my wisdom teeth cut out when I was 16 and I thought that was horrible. At least you get what you want finally. Kind of crazy that a dentist wants you to stop brushing your teeth.

I worked with a guy that had soft teeth and he had most of them pulled and got dentures to wear.
That sucks that your teeth are in such a bad way, but good that you are finally getting them sorted, I have a on going issue with my teeth myself but down to bad dentistry a few years ago with bad fillings so I am glad that atleast you are getting sorted.

I have always felt it was a evolutionary kick in the nut bag for us to evolve teeth that are so fragile or susceptible to breaks.

I've always felt the same way. **** near all of my family has had bad teeth, mainly from sensitivity. I'm wanting to get permanents, but not sure if those can be financed or not. I'll be going there on June 7th, so I can find out all the information, fill out the financing forms, and get the first checkup complete. So mid to late June, I'll be getting my teeth pulled. It shouldn't be much long after I got in for the first checkup, but they have to do a cancer screening, since i am a smoker. Last one I had which was just few weeks ago, when I went to the e.r., came out fine, I should be able to get right in after that first appoinment.

Right now, my bottom right molars are killing me, been taking high strength pain relievers all day, and it just barely bearable.
Here is some thing to make you feel better......

The movie poster for SaW III

http://mymoviebanners.com/pics/saw/saw-3.jpg [Not for the faint of heart]

I got know that might have some problem with my teeth in the future. I have some impacted molars which I may or may not have to worry about.
It was funny, I was getting a neck x-ray after being involved in a car accident a 2 years ago. And the doctor is making more comments about my impacted molars on the X-Ray as appose to my neck.
I got my wisdom teeth pulled about two years back, they were **** cramped and hurting and were messing up the rest of my teeth. I was ****ting myself in the waiting room, but once they got started it was fine lol. Nothing compared to what you're gonna go through tho :omg:

Still, good to hear you're happy about getting your teeth sorted :thumbsup:
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