wont connect to internet.


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Ok I have my computer, laptop, and PS3 all hooked up into a wireless network. The computer went psychotic so I reloaded Windows XP onto it. Now it will not connect to the internet. I believe that the driver was unloaded and I can not figure out how to load it onto the computer again. Oh and its a Dell Dimension 4700


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What operating system are you running, and did you install the wireless card yourself or did it come in the computer?


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it came with the computer. I just reloaded XP home with the recovery disk. this thread is in the wrong section... I did find out that the drivers are missing.
-I opened up the Device manager and there there is something wrong with the Ethernet Connector, couple video drivers and the audio driver.
-Uninstalled them,
-Popped in the "Drivers and Utilities" disk and it half way loaded them back on again. still cant use it.
-New Hardware screen comes up I go through that to load it but it can't find it on the disk???
-Threw it out the window and no longer powers on... or i wanted too do that