With honour and respect we remember the 11-09 victims...

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All Seeing Eye
On Sept 11, 2001, a cowardly act was leveled against us. It was considered a political statement. The United States, as well as the rest of the world saw it as murder. 2,800+ people lost their lives. Their families lost loved ones. An attempt to change our lives forever, they succeeded. We are stronger & united as one more than the terrorists could have ever imagined.
1 Year later, we still remember: our friends, husbands, wives, children, and most of all, the heros that gave their lives to the helpless and injured, and to those who saved a nation.

America Remembers...

The Terror

The Hope that Held Us

The Proud Heroes

The Towers

The Horror

for a closer, download this 2.9 MG documentary clip..Here

This remembrance may not be altered, edited or such, doing so is an injustice to all who have perished or suffered. Please feel freely to distribute this remembrance to all you may like.

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Debaser our hearts go out to them also. Not everyone may be aware of the terrorism acts in Northern & Southern Ireland.

He in Australia we don't hear much about it:(

I would also like to give my deepest Sympathy to all those who where lost and injured in the Bali bombings on Oct 12th, 2002

lest we forget.
I've opened this sticky cause this act of terrorism envolves to all, and also should be rememberd...
as for other terror attacks or any acts of violent I decided not to, as I live in Israel and can publish so much of them till you get tired..
I never meant that other things are irrelevent, it is just that this envolves everyone..
I agree we should remember the victims of all those attacks \ wars & battles. We shouldn't forget all the millions of Afghanistans who have been killed, left homeless or are still starving, left without resources etc since then
It is sad and very painful to know of the innocent that have paid the ultimate price for anothers hatred.
All countries have suffered from the insanity that prevails.
It is also sad that we turn our backs on those who defend us and try to insure that our lives are safe, "As safe as they can be". I for one do not want any one to die that is trying to make a life for his or her loved ones, at no cost to any one else.
I am a man of God, or at least I try to be. My angure has some times blinded me from seeing beond the problem and finding a resolve. ( Such as the Powers that be ). To many things are hidden. Like what's going on with Turkey?? All I see is their attempt to get over on the U.S.
I will quit now. I do not wish to cause a problem as I am new and no one actually know who the ___ I am.
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