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Ive just been assigned my coursework assignment for next year, and I need to research over the summer holidays. My coursework is basically investigating online banking and the security aspects. If it is really reliable and can be trusted etc... What I would like is if any of you could tell me your views on the subject, and/or any personal experiences that you've experience (good or bad). Thanks in advance, Steve

(By the way I'm not sure which section this should be under)
Erm; never had any problems with it and as far as I know all Bank's Servers are very secure indeed. Haven't heard of a successful hack, erm, well ever. It probably has happened.

Worst Security aspect is the loss of passcodes and usernumbers; but you still can't do much on the Bank Servers connected to the www; online check balances really on most. Obviously more expensive banks will allow far more use of transfering abilities but they'd have more security then.

Have you e-mailed any Banks, Barclays, Halifax on the subject?