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Okay so I know this might be an easy solution for some of you to figure out but I'm having difficulty with this.

So a tiny bit of background, so that it makes a bit of sense why I'm trying to figure this out. I'm doing some audio upgrades/mods to my Chevy Blazer. Things like adding subs, modifying the door panels to fit more/other speakers, etc, and one thing I'm doing that's not directly related to the audio side of things is multi-zone RGB LED lighting. Now the very basic issue I have is with wiring an audio signal in line with RGB LEDs. If this doesn't sound like it's up your alley, then you don't have to keep reading, but if it does, I'll explain in more detail my dilemma below.

So to start, there are 6 LED zones, and they are paired as three independent color zones. The LED zones are: Front Footwells, Rear Footwells, Rear/Trunk Lighting, Sub Lighting (there will be LEDs inside the sub cabinets which have acrylic to be able to see inside), Overhead/Dome Lighting, and Window Accent Lighting. The footwells are controlled with one RGB controller, the rear/trunk and sub lighting is controlled with another controller, and the dome and window lighting is controlled by a third controller, allowing three different colors simultaneously, or three color zones. If you're not familiar with RGB led wiring, there are four connections, Red, Green, Blue, and your positive voltage, in this case 12v. What I want to do is have a single switch that allows the LEDs to react to the music or not, but I've run into a problem that needs solving. That's how I'd introduce the audio signal. It would have to be introduced after the controllers, but how would the signal be connected? Would I need to use op-amps or transistors or what? I'd use a separate switch for each color zone, so that I'd only need a physical switch and wouldn't need things like mosfets or relays to switch more than 4 signals at a time. Any help or brainstorming would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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