Wiring a House


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So we're looking in to wiring our house with Cat6, and i'm not really sure what to do. I've made cat5e patch cables before, so i'm not too worried about making the actual cables.
Our plan is to have the FIOS run in to the verizon router, then from the router to a switch that is right next to it. Then from that switch we'll drop cables to the computer and printer that are right below it, and another one that goes in to a wall jack. from that wall jack it will go to another switch that is in the attic.
From the Attic switch, we're going to run cable to several more wall jacks in bedrooms and the like.
From those wall jacks we'll run the cables to the computers.

My problem is that there are so many options and a whole lot of crazy jargon. How exactly do you make the wall jacks, and should i use solid cable or stranded cable or what?
I'd like to only have to buy one box of cable.

Thanks for your help!!


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Buy the wall jacks at your local home store, I use leviton. Buy the same brand jack as faceplate. Also buy the box or folding mounting plate (what the faceplate screws into.

Its not to hard.

Buy a patch panel .. they make wallmount ones.
You can get away with a single box if you dont mine repulling each run. More boxes you have the more cables you can pull each pull.

Just buy a box of Riser Cat5E / 6.

There are 3 types, Riser, Indoor/outdoor, and Plenum. Riser is what you use internaly in most cases.