Wirelss that goes through basement?


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Hi all. A friend pointed me to this site. I know this question should go in the "Networking" portion, but I noticed nobody was in there and the last post there was yesterday so I didn't want my question to go unnoticed. Apologies.

I would like to know if there is a good wireless router that I can set up in my basement that will reach the other floors of my house. My current one doesn't seem to have the range/power. I constantly disconnect which wasn't a problem when I had the access point on the middle floor.

I have searched around and everyone keeps mentioning range boosters. I would prefer to just buy a new router with the range capable of going through the basement ceiling/main floor. There has to be some on the market that can do this...no??

Thanks in advance for any help with this. (Running XP)

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Yeah, just buy a new, better router. Linksys or D-link are a couple of good ones.

The router really should be mounted up high and towards the middle of the house so the signal spreads throughout the house better. You may have a problem with the signal going through the floor with all the insulation and flooring that might be there.


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OP, is there ANY WAY that hard wiring would be feasible? If so, you could try leaving your existing setup where it is, using a port to run hard wiring to the basement and then setup an access point. Wiring is cheap, in case you wanted to know. You can get a 100' section for about $15-25 depending on what sales/pricing is currently going on.