Wireless router question


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So i might buy a laptop soon and i want to buy a wireless router. I dont know what is good or bad. I have cable internet...so do i need to buy a wireless router that supports the cable input. My computer and internet are located in my basement. I will probably be using my laptop in my room wich is 2 levels up. Will there be a strong signal? Or does it depend on what kind?

Plz suggest comapnies and guides on how to hook it up. My connection speed is 1MBs. plz help i am confused and dont know what to do.
im not fimilar with wireless cable but i know the signal probaly will stay strong throuch 2 stories and a couple of walls after that. as for brands Netgear is the way to go. before you purchase a wireless router ask you ISP if they have any wireless modems my modem has 4 cable connecters and wireless. doubt there would speed limitations but probaly slower bandwith like 54mps compared to netgears super g at 108 but unless you have crazy fast inernet you shouldnt notice a difference


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Ive been messing around on my PSP with wireless and one thing ive noticed, the further u go from the router, the more chance it has of dropping the signal. I mean its still impressive, but the quality drops significantly depending on how far away u r, u shud be ok tho, but it might be like 30-40% signal strength if it has to go that far, but im no expert :D

Also make sure u have good security on it, wi fi is very easy to hack into. And for some reason enabling wi fi on my router made my non wi fi connection crash every nite lol.
even if they hack your wi-fi they still have to hack your computer and free internet from the neighbors wi-fi sucks trust me it aint worth it they will loose connection ever half hour at least and you can probaly block certain ip's